Increase Overall Efficiency Through

cmPlify's Warranty Claim Processing

cmPlify’s warranty claim processing service provides the tools and techniques required to empower a workforce that performs better and creates a positive work culture. Our framework allows you to integrate the entire supply chain warranty service. Through our real time and intuitive dashboards and cutting-edge reporting tools, enable an enhanced forecasting and better overall efficiency for all your processes. 

Identify hidden revenue with cmPlify's Warranty Claim Processing Service

1) Rapid sign up and start using cmPlify products

2) Data are accessible from anywhere, any time

3) Reliable business continuity plan  

4) Scalable and Expandable 

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Business Challenges Encountered 

1) Getting things right proactively 

2) Lack of insight for root cause analysis

3) Lack of real time analytics

4) Data across disparate systems

5) Lack of early warning signals

6) Inefficient recall management 

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cmPlify Warranty Claims Servicing with Automation

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular solution architecture.

2) Integrates the entire customer service supply chain.

3) Developed by automotive industry experts.

4) Integrated with ERP, CRM and unstructured data feeds.

5) Ready-to-use customizable dashboards and reports.

6) Improved customer loyalty, product quality and brand image.

7) Early detection of parts failures, with an increase in bottom-line results.

8) Predictive analysis to increase financial performance.

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