Integrated Claims Management with

cmPlify's Warranty Adjudication

cmPlify’s warranty adjudication service engages a team of experienced and qualified claim adjudicators to deliver expert solutions to clients and business partners. We provide a blend of skilled resources, effectual processes, quality systems and advanced technology, to assure exceptional quality, increased efficiency and significant cost savings. 

Comprehensive Platform for  Warranty Adjudication Needs

1) Ensuring correctness of the Claim

2) Detection of false claims

3) Right claim value

4) Removing overvalued claims

5) Timely disbursal

6) Reduced overhead costs

7) Lesser errors

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Business Challenges Encountered 

1) Cost Savings from reduced staff requirement for manual review of claims

2) Improving dealer satisfaction with faster claim payment

3) Rapid processing of related transactions such as parts return and supplier recovery

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Reduce Claims Costs with cmplify's Adjudication service

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular solution architecture.

2) Integrates the entire customer service supply chain,

3) Faster processing of claims

4) Ready-to-use customizable dashboards and reports.

5) Improved customer loyalty, product quality and brand image

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