Automate Service Delivery with

cmPlify's Field Service Scheduling

cmPlify’s field service scheduling provides an agile framework to integrate the entire customer service scheduling management. You can schedule new tasks and appointments, get real time tracking, assign new tasks based on availability and predict future task pipeline. 

Optimize Field Tracking with Our Field Service Process

1) Receive service lead received from customer

2) Creation of service notification

3) Check detailed history of service extension

4) Create service order

5) Assign service order to field staff

6) Extends service and parts if any

7) Confirmation of service

8) Submission of defective parts if any

9) Creation of warranty claim

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Business Challenges Encountered

1) Management of field service staff scheduling, Routes and Time.

2) Efficient control on assigning service order and resolution of issues.

3) Lack of customer service analysis.

4) Better visibility and monitoring of the entire field service staff.

5) Integration with warranty claims.

6) Issues with accessibility of data

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Improve your Business Performance with cmPlify's Field Service Scheduling

1) Easy to use, scalable and modular solution architecture

2) Integrates the entire service modules

3) Delivered on SAP HANA platform with reports and analytics

4) Integrated with mail and document management system

5) Ready-to-use customizable dashboards and reports

6) Developed by industry experts

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