Capitalize on cmPlify's Managed Services

Our managed services cater to businesses in all areas of industries and assist them in achieving high performance by providing sustainable solutions. 

Our Managed Services

The key to our services lies in our ability to integrate our know-how functional areas with decades of industry knowledge. We are organized into functional practices to support client services. Our practices develop business knowledge and insights that create a critical mass of expertise for providing a superior client service. 

Predictive Analytics

cmPlify’s predictive analytics services provide cutting-edge solutions that are quite intuitive and provide the best assessment of future developments from knowledge of prior events.

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Reporting Service 

cmPlify's reporting service provides deeper insights from both structured and unstructured data. Our service assists businesses in automating and streamlining their processes.                              

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Warranty Claim Processing

Our warranty claim processing service provides the tools and techniques that empower a workforce to perform better and create a positive work culture.

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Customer Service Center

cmPlify’s customer service analytics provides metrics that help you establish benchmarks to quantify the impact your initiatives have on the customers.        

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Field Service Scheduling

cmPlify’s field service scheduling provides an agile framework to integrate all aspects of customer service scheduling management .

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Full Cycle Asset      Management 

Tracking and management of assets is an integrated service that provides a framework to assimilate the entire organization’s assets. 

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Extended Warranty Management   

cmPlify’s extended warranty service provides an agile structure to integrate the entire warranty management process of an organization

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Warranty Adjudication 

Warranty adjudication service engages a team of  qualified claim adjudicators to deliver efficient solutions to clients and business partners

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