Stay Empowered with cmplify

Our proprietary tools offer a rapid delivery of an effective end-to-end solution leading to significant cost savings and satisfied customers. We also enable customization and extension of the solutions to include customer specific business scenarios. 

Our Capabilities

Our custom industry solutions bring forward key metrics, KPIs and reports that can be quickly customized to suit specific needs by gaining access to our in-depth models. Our global delivery teams will also ensure that the end-to-end implementations meet the needs of all the stakeholders and the management for better decision-making. 

Mobile Apps

cmPlify Products are also accessible through mobile app. Users can work with all cmPlify products    across several mobile platforms, frameworks and environments. 

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Cloud Solutions 

cmPlify Products are fully manageable at cloud. Our team is involved in setup and data migration. Along with day-to-day support and maintenance with no hassle to the Customers. 

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cmPlify Platform

cmPlify Products have a robust, proprietary framework that is customized to suit each customer’s business challenges, long term goals and budget constraints.

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User Experience

Our User Experience is designed on basis of inputs taken from users, making it extremely user-friendly. cmplify's  User Experience is seamless and quite responsive.

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AI Powered Decisions 

Our Solutions are based on Machine Learning and Self-learning enriched knowledge base. Decisions taken during the process will be analyzed through Machine Learning

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SAP Cloud Platform Apps 

cmPlify Solutions uses SAP Cloud Platform Apps as an open business platform designed to help you   innovate, integrate and extend applications

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Chat Bots and Virtual Assistance

Chat Bots and VA help automate your internal businesses with processes that simulates human conversations through artificial intelligence.

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